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At Poetica, we believe in a Sustainable future.

  We understand the importance of incorporating Environmentally Sustainable Design and provide tailored solutions for every project.


We will ensure that your building complies with all the energy efficiency provisions and regulations of the Building Code of Australia.
  Achieving a reduction in your building's greenhouse gas emissions and minimising the building's impact on the environment throughout the life cycle of its operational use.
  Why choose us?


Quick Turnaround Detailed Project Specific Advice


Quick Turnaround Comprehensive Assessments


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Quick Turnaround Intergrated Design Solutions


Quick Turnaround Cost Effective Solutions
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Commercial BCA Section J Energy Efficiency

Our Section J Consultants specialise in BCA Section J Energy Efficiency assessments for all commercial buildings, including Offices, Shopping Centres, Educational Facilities, Sports Facilities, Medical Centres and many more.
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Residential Thermal Performance

Our residential building thermal performance assessors are all accredited professionals that provide 6 star energy rating reports in Victoria using the latest FirstRate5 house energy rating software.
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